scenery07As the heroine of this Visual Romantic Novel, your journey begins as you wake up in a pitch black world. You have no memory of who you or where you are. You begin to wander aimlessly, hoping that you might come across something to reawaken your memories. Suddenly, you feel a strange presence grabbing your legs, and you sprint away in fear. You wish for nothing more than to escape this world.

As you continue your journey, you encounter a handsome young man with an antisocial attitude. He has also lost his memory entirely, except for the name “Alice,” by which he introduces himself. He then refers to you by the last name “Alice.” The young man shows no desire to travel with you, but you succeed in convincing him to accompany you.

The plot thickens as you stumble upon glowing crystals with reflective surfaces. As you touch one, it ignites into a bright glow.  As the light dies down, you see images of two staggeringly handsome young men, reflected on opposite sides of the crystal. Their names are“Cinderella” and “Red Riding Hood.”  Alice requests that you select one, and your romantic adventure commences.  Lead each prince through their unique storylines to fairy tale endings.